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Criteria for Capital Grants

Community Foundation Grey Bruce is pleased to offer a Capital Funding stream to nonprofit organizations in Grey and Bruce Counties.  Capital grants are available from $3,500 to a maximum of $30,000. Capital grants are distributed in late October.

A Capital Grant is defined as:

A grant for a project that would contribute to an organization’s success and growth of capacity, broaden access, improve community spaces and promote energy efficiency by

  • Purchase or replacement of major equipment
  • Renovation, installation, retrofit and/or repair to existing structure
  • Making better use of technological resources


Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to apply for a Capital Grant, an organization must:

  • Be a qualified donee, a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or a not-for-profit organization sponsored by a qualified donee as determined by the CRA* ( .
  • Provide services in Grey and/or Bruce Counties
  • Have a defined service focus that includes one or more of the following fields: Children and Youth; Health; Environment; Recreation; Arts and Culture; Poverty Reduction

*Some organizations operating under the auspices of a municipal government (i.e. libraries, museums, galleries, committees of council) can apply through Municipalities or qualified First Nations Territories.


All applicants must submit a letter of intent no longer than two pages outlining the following:

  1. Project title
  2. Brief project description
  3. The need the project addresses
  4. A statement outlining the project goals and how they correlate to Foundation granting priorities
  5. Estimated cost of the entire project and the amount requested from the Foundation
  6. A brief timeline of project
  7. *Note – no support material to be included with the letter

This information will be reviewed and, if the project is determined to be well-suited, the organization will be invited to complete a detailed application by September 15.

Grants monies will be distributed in late October. The project may not start before the application deadline and needs to be completed within one year of the receipt of the grant.

Deadline for Letter of Intent" June 1 of the present year

Grant Decision Making Timeline

Organizations that are invited to proceed will each receive an application form to be completed by the deadline date of September 15.

There may be requests for further information or meetings between the applicant and the grant reviewer.  All applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application.  Grants will be paid when all other funding has been secured, all necessary approvals required to proceed have been secured and upon signing of the Grant Agreement between the applicant.  Final reports are due within 45 days of the completion of the project. This date will be stipulated in the agreement.

Capital Grant Assessment Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • How the project need was determined and what were the methods used to identify the need
  • How the project fits within the granting priorities by Community Foundation Grey Bruce
  • Consideration of availability of similar services  and agencies in the region
  • The capacity of the applicant to undertake the project
  • How the success of the project will be determined
  • Sustainability of the project beyond the funding request (if applicable)
  • Other funders committed to the project
  • Completion of necessary approvals (i.e. building permits)

What the Community Foundation Grey Bruce does not fund

Grants are NOT available for:

  • The replacement of pre-existing operating funds
  • Operating or capital deficits
  • Activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or their direct religious purposes
  • Endowment funds
  • Retroactive funding for any project expenses incurred prior to the Foundation’s distribution of funds
  • Annual fundraising drives for operating support
  • Individuals
  • Political activity
  • Programs and services outside of Grey and Bruce Counties
  • Concurrent capital grants
  • New builds
  • Land acquisition or purchase
  • Core operating costs or current program costs

Applicants are responsible to confirm that their application is received by the Foundation.