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A grant for high school students to create a mural in Artist's Alley, downtown Owen Sound

Community Foundation Grey Bruce

We Tackle Pressing Issues
We believe philanthropy has a role to play in addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. We tackle tough problems on many fronts through our grantmaking, investments, research, convening, communication and participation in the public policy process. We work with other foundations, organizations, business and governments in our region and across the country on problems that require shared action.
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Granting Criteria


Granting Criteria

Applicants must either have a registered charitable number or be sponsored by an organization that is a CRA qualified donee within Grey or Bruce County. For definition of qualified donee go HERE.

Applicant's project must benefit local communities in one of the following categories: 

  1. Applicant's project must benefit local communities in one of the following categories:
    • Arts and Culture
    • Recreation
    • The wellbeing of children and youth
    • Reduction of poverty
    • Education
    • The environment
    • Health and wellness of the people of Grey & Bruce
  2. Community Foundation Grey Bruce produced it's first Vital Signs report in 2016, containing data on health & wellness, arts & culture, education and lifelong learning, living standards, the environment, and community connections in Grey Bruce Counties. The statistics gathered in the Vital Signs report are indicative of needs to be addressed in our region. Applicants will be asked to describe how their project addresses one of the indicators of community vitality as outlined in Vital Signs. Click here to download a copy of the report.
  3. Grant applications will be considered for honoraria & speakers at meetings and presentations. Wages and salaries will not be considered.
  4. Applicant organizations may ask for up to 10% of their project budget for project administration costs.
  5. Applicant organizations may include capacity building and value-added training to a maximum cost of $1,000.
  6. Applicant organizations may apply for small capital grants up to $1,500 in the Community Grant stream. Capital projects with budgets over that amount may apply in the Capital Grant stream. See more details on Capital granting here.
  7. Funding up to $5,000 may be requested for projects and programs that prove support for disadvantaged children and families; applications for projects that do not support disadvantaged children and families may be submitted for up to $3,000.
  8. Grants are not usually made to support the normal annual operating costs of organizations or core services that are otherwise directly or indirectly, publicly funded, such as municipalities, hospitals, and school boards.  Enhanced services that are not core funded or part of regular operating budget are eligible. Applications of this type must explain clearly why the funding requested from the Community Foundation is not available from government sources. All applications involving activities with primary and secondary schools must be accompanied by a Letter of Permission from the relevant School Board.
  9. Charitable organizations applying must have a strong local presence (e.g. a local Board of Directors, a well-defined accountable local committee, a local office with strong community involvement) or must demonstrate that the project/program will specifically benefit residents of Grey and/or Bruce Counties.
  10. Applications will not be considered:
    • To support ongoing operating costs including wages and salaries
    • In response to annual fundraising campaigns
    • To cover deficits
    • To retire debts
    • To increase endowment funds
    • To fund activities that serve primarily the membership or purposes of religious or political organizations
    • To individuals
    • To fund tours or travel outside Grey or Bruce Counties
    • To the same project for more than 3 times
    • To organizations that have not completed the terms of a previous grant or have not submitted reports due for previous grants


All applicants should contact the CFGB Grant Coordinator to help determine whether the project meets the granting criteria.

519-371-7203 or email Wendy at wendy.bachiu@cfgb.ca

Application Deadline: Spring application - April 15, Fall application - September 15


Selection Procedure

All applications for grants from CFGB will be reviewed to determine their eligibility. 

When completing the online grant application, it is important to complete the application in full as incomplete applications will not allow the application to be submitted. The primary contact will receive an email when the application has been submitted

All eligible applications will be reviewed by the CFGB Grants Committee and assessed on the basis of:

  • Proven/researched need for the project/program
  • Program objectives/evaluation procedures
  • Organizational strength
  • Mission/track record/ people served
  • Fiscal & management responsibility/stability
  • Community support/partnerships

PLEASE NOTE:  From time to time a maximum grant amount per organization may be established.

A follow-up Report  is required by February 1 of the year following granting in the Spring and June 30th of the following year for grants distributed in the Fall. Download Report form HEREAs well, if possible, photographs of the project for inclusion in the CFGB Annual Report and/or on the Foundation’s website are requested.

The applicant organization agrees to present CFGB as a partner, through their own organization including newsletters, promotions, etc.  The CFGB logo can be accessed on the webpage or by emailing wendy.bachiu@cfgb.ca

If the project fails to proceed, the grant must be returned to CFGB.


Presentation of Awards

Successful applicants will be notified by Community Foundation Grey Bruce and invited to attend an annual grant presentation at the end of May or the end of October where grant cheques will be presented.


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