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Nurturing a vital community means reaching out and ensuring that people with different experiences and points of view are included, especially those who are often excluded. We bring people together to create opportunities for respectful dialogue and joint problem solving. We enthusiastically participate when invited to dialogues convened by others.
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Two Youth Forums to be Held


A Vital Conversation is a facilitated discussion with members of the community using information gathered in the Vital Signs report as a starting point.

In October 2016, Community Foundation Grey Bruce released its first Vital Signs report containing lots of statistical data on community vitality grouped around a diversity of indicators including health & wellness, living standards, arts & culture, environment, and community connections. In terms of issues arising from Vital Signs, one statistic in particular “On average, less than 60% of Grey Bruce youth do not expect to find a job or live in the region after school” raised questions about the issue of youth retention. What type of changes to our community would youth like to see? What would increase their sense of belonging and inclusion? What would attract more youth to return home to build a life and start a family? We need to have a Vital Conversation with our youth.
This November, with support from Alliance 150, Canada's 150th celebration, and Community Foundations of Canada, Community Foundation Grey Bruce will hold Vital Conversations with young people to talk about this issue and any other that they bring forward. We are working with youth facilitator Jason Cranny on convening two meetings; the first on November 16 at the Youth Drop In Centre and Trades Start program run by the Salvation Army in Wiarton and the second on November 20 at the Launch Pad Youth Activity & Technology Centre in Hanover. The sessions are open to 50 participants at each location. Online live-streaming of the conversations will allow participation from offsite individuals and classes from across the area. At both meetings, youth will shape and convene the conversation, engaging in a broad range of activities that will open up discussion. 
These Vital Conversations can serve as a springboard to build new relationships and partnerships around the issue of youth retention. The insights gleaned from these November sessions will help the Foundation in its work towards the release of a mini-Vital Signs report on Grey Bruce youth in October 2018.

Follow the Community Foundation Grey Bruce Facebook page for more info and we welcome you to join the conversations on November 16 & 20. #myvoicemycommunity

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